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If selected a schedule of your airtime will be sent to you via email

To be eligible to broadcast on ESP TV you must be an independent artist, filmmaker or producer. Large companies or corporations are not allowed. Your content will not be aired if it contains porn, hate speech or scams. Your content can have some foreign language but the main language must be in English. You can have profanity as long as you have a warning at the beginning of your content, some words are prohibited so check FCC rules. Ernest Smith Productions may place some ads on your broadcast. Rates for airtime are subject to change unless you do a long term contract. We do not guarantee a huge amount of viewers for your program. You are responsible for the promotion of your own program. All uploads will be availabe via ON Demand which pays .50 cents to $3 per sale. All filmmakers are considered private contractors and there for Ernest smith productions is not liable for your content. By sending your footage to Ernest Smith Productions you give us permission to air your program on our web TV channel in exchange we give you a pay per view link to your footage. We are not responsible for fixing your content. If you have color correction problems your content is subject to dismissal and will not air. Please make sure your audio and color is good before sending your project. A link will be sent to you to upload your footage if your film is accepted.
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